Control modules: Deep Sea Electronic (DSE), DEIF, ComAp

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Buy now online! Control units or controllers for generator sets

The controllers are automatic control systems for the handling of generating sets. They consist of a device containing indispensable software for manoeuvring and calibrating power generating machines. Thanks to the control units it is possible to monitor all parameters, monitor and calibrate the levels of the generating sets.

They are high-tech controllers that allow the supervision, both manually and automatically, of the starting, stopping and protection systems of the main systems that make up the energy supply machines. The central units for generators are suitable for emergency installations (mains voltage failure) or for autonomous generating sets (voltage-free contact starting).

Specs and models of Generator Controllers

Depending on the type of controller a generator set requires, it may offer more or less functionality. However, they all offer a manufacturer's guarantee in accordance with international standards.

The controllers are able to offer a very fast response to control the different parameters to be analyzed. They usually have a screen to show any change, alarm or sound defect. In the product cards are detailed the characteristics of each model of controller for generating sets.